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Starter Rebuilding Services

   We can rebuild Delco Remy, Autolite, Prestolite, Lucas, American Bosch, Robert Bosch as well as some "off brand" starters. We carry a large inventory of commonly used parts and have the availability to get the seldom used parts within a couple of days in most cases. At this time we no longer stock armatures or field coils.

   Our current flat rate to rebuild most starters is $94.00 labor plus parts and shipping. We replace bushings,(with new oil wicks if applicable), brushes with springs and holders, (if necessary), turn down armature, clean, test, and paint. We see most jobs leave the shop for under $150.00 plus shipping unless the armature or field coils need replacing. In that case cost will exceed $150.00

   Rebuilding prices will be quoted before the job is done. If for any reason you decide not to have the job completed you will be responsible for shipping costs only.

   We can get you exchange units for most applications but our experience is that your a lot better off to stay with your original unit and it generally costs a lot less to rebuild yours than it does to purchase an exchange unit.

   We ship by UPS or Priority Mail. Turn around time once we receive your unit is generally about 7 to 10 working days. Times may be longer if we run into "oddball" or obsolete parts. In some instances we are able to machine parts on location to get you going again.

All units guaranteed against defects in parts and workmanship for 1 year. Consumer is responsible for shipping costs.


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